Sunday, 22 May 2016

I love Cornwall!!!

Hey Everybody!!! Hope you're having a great Sunday! It's been so lovely to see some sun this afternoon here in the UK!

I'm so sorry this blog post is a couple of weeks late, we were having a lovely time down in beautiful Cornwall last week, so I thought I would leave my post until we got back again. We haven't really been to Cornwall very much, we went a couple of years ago to Perranporth, but then we've been visiting a few other places on the last few holidays. This year we decided to go again and try to visit a few places we haven't been to before. I do believe Cornwall is now one of my favourite places to go to now! It's sooo beautiful there, even though we did have some rainy days, we still had a really lovely relaxing holiday and I can't wait to go there again!!!

Anyway, today I thought I would show you the project I started on holiday. I'm really excited about it because I simply LOVE the colours in this one! I call it my 'Autumn Colours Cushion Cover', I know it's kind of the wrong time of year but I love these colours all year round to be honest.

This is the first photo I took of it on the Sunday morning as I was doing the first few rows.

Then this was the first complete pattern repeat.

And as of this afternoon, it is now three pattern repeats complete.

Partway during the holiday I put it away to start another project, but this afternoon I suddenly felt like getting it back out and having another go at it and I am so pleased I did! It's been a lovely few hours, just hooking away and changing colours quite quickly. In fact, I'm going to go and do a few more now! ;oD

Speak to you all very soon my friends! Have a lovely week!

Much love,
Ellie Xoxoxoxo

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