Sunday, 20 March 2016

Welcome to our New Crafting Blog!

Hey guys!

Welcome to our brand new blog!

My sister, Ellie and I, have both been crafting since we were little, and have been on Instagram over the past year sharing our projects. There's so much inspiration, we've not been short of projects ever since!

We thought it was time to start a blog where we can both write about our latest projects and to share patterns and our YouTube how-to videos.

We'll be taking it in turns to write a blog post each week, so my sister, Ellie, will be back next Sunday to show you what she's been crafting recently!

TTFN! :o)


  1. Great First Blog Felicity! Love seeing what you are up to on IG!
    Look forward to next week!
    Love Emmaxxx ( Emms_crochetprogects)

    1. Aww thank you so much Emma, that really means a lot to me!! Hope you're doing ok! 😘 Love, Felicity xx


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